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We provide an arsenal of tools that create new habits, and make your employees aware of their behaviors. Behaviors, that when ignored, will present symptoms, that in turn creates a loss in revenue. Our program, when implemented, will assist individuals to not suffer from the common complaints most desk bound professionals share, in back, neck, shoulder, wrist, or any kind of pain. We believe that when we know better, we perform better.

We help your company eliminate lost time by teaching your employees how to impart good seated ergonomics, how to eliminate stiffness, tension and eventually pain that will present in their bodies, how to maintain adequate hydration, the importance of nutrition not only in the food they eat, in their mindfulness — how to achieve wellness that translates to the way they feel! Complicated approaches rarely work, let alone last, which is what makes our program so unique; we make it simple to achieve and maintain wellness.

OUR MISSION: To spread wellness, to increase your revenue by decreasing lost time, and produce a more productive work force. Are you aware that our body will tell us exactly what we are doing wrong in our posture, by where tension presents in the body? What if there is a way to teach your people how to manage their symptoms through simple instruction found in a cutting edge technique; a technique they can apply to themselves? This is BE-ing Well Corporate Wellness. We empower your team to be their absolute best! 


Lori Lynn Spencer

Lori Lynn Spencer is a board certified, clinically educated massage therapist, and wellness coach.



Ms. Spencer has devoted her career specializing in pain, educating people throughout the country through talks at Wellness expos, at Northwestern Business College where she taught Contemporary Health Issues, and also served as a honorary Board Member for the Health Sciences Department for several years. Her experience has encompassed working in hospice for three years, which was what started her path to develop the Manual Inflammation Release. Ms. Spencer produced and hosted an Internet Radio program to have her voice heard in over 17 countries for a year to share her knowledge on everything wellness.

Ms. Spencer has devoted her career both in her lectures, as well as in her hands-on work, to her passion of dispelling the myths on aging and pain. Lori Lynn has focused on learning about the connective tissue, or fascia, in renown research forums led by the top MD/Phd’s, as well as participated in four cadaver dissections. She has worked with Northwestern Memorial Hospital in their Integrative Medicine department and studied hands-on energy healing in Norway. While pursuing her undergraduate degree from DePaul University, Ms. Spencer learned about holistic medicine in resettlement communities in El Salvador, after the signing of The Peace Accords. Lori wrote a book, “7 Best Kept Secrets to Painless Aging”. She has published scientific theories about what creates pain, and presented them in conferences in Amsterdam, and Snowmass, Colorado. As well as publications in her field, Lori has been interviewed by Baylor University, The Chicago Tribune, KDNK radio, and various other outlets in the field of wellness.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

— Joel Barker



Manual Inflammation Release® works within the body’s natural design to heal. With over two decades assisting individuals to be free from pain in even the most difficult cases. We are conditioned to believe that pain is a natural outgrowth of aging. Through Ms. Spencer’s work, she knows this is untrue! Are you ready to empower your employees with an arsenal of practical tools to manage their well be-ing?


We empower your employees to be their own best healers. There are symptoms that present in our bodies, that when ignored create problems. Problems that translate to lost time related to experiencing pain. Our main program teaches your employees how to eliminate inflammation in their bodies through the Manual Inflammation Release®. This technique, when applied, removes the inflammation that is causing problems that present as pain. Back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year—that’s two work days for every full-time worker in the country. All of our programs are designed to be easy and to create lasting change.


Where pain shows-up in the body is an outgrowth of behaviors. This program teaches proper seated ergonomics to eliminate stress on the back, simple tools to correct posture, achieving and maintaining adequate hydration, an icing regimen that actually staves off fresh inflammation from settling in the muscle tissue, the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet, and understanding how diet effects well being. Inflammation is a precursor to dis-ease. This program will have your employees considering and changing their behaviors!


This program is the essence of learning how to eliminate tension, stiffness and pain through the instruction of the Manual Inflammation Release®. What if your employees could work on themselves to fix their problems? What if, that approach is simple? Inflammation Release when applied serves in eliminating pain. This instruction provides the research behind its approach, in tandem with learning how to feel the adhesions positioned in the muscle tissue, to be able to break them down and send them out into the body for removal. This is a six hour program, that also comes with six months of health coaching to make certain the technique is being applied effectively, correctly, to keep your people on the right path of BE-ing Well!


For your employees who have chronic pain, we will come to your office and help eliminate their pain through the administration of Manual Inflammation Release®. Through an MIR session, we can share with your employees’ exactly what is off in their work station without bringing in an ergonomic specialist. Our body tells us everything we need to know by where the pockets of inflammation position within the muscle tissue. This program varies according to the needs of your institution, as well as how long the symptoms have been ignored. We will also visit their work station to help them make the necessary adjustments, most times without having to purchase new equipment!